Maitland tartan fabrics sold by the metre.

We offer three grades:

  • Lochcarron Strome 16oz, 100% wool worsted - 138cm wide, best for kilts
  • Lochcarron Reiver 10oz, 100% wool worsted - 150cm wide, best for trews and skirts
  • Lightweight tartan 8oz, 45% wool, 55% polyester - lightweight clothing and furnishing, also waistcoat

The Strome and Reiver are identical in appearance, whilst the lightweight is darker and has a smaller sett.

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Lochcarron Strome (for kilts)

100% wool worsted kilt cloth Lochcarron Strome. 16 oz/linear yard (500 – 515gm/linear metre). Supplied in single width (30 inches/75cm wide), and double width.

You need 7.4m for a full 8 yard kilt. For trews, you will need about 3.6m, but check with your tailor!

Strome heavy weight full 8 yard kilt in Maitland tartan made to order by Lochcarron.

Lochcarron Reiver (for trews and skirts)

100% wool worsted. 10 oz/linear yard (335gm/linear metre). 59 inches / 150cm wide.

This is best for tailored items, including trews and waistcoats though it can be used for kilts in warm climates - however, we recommend the heavy weight Strome for kilts. 

Reiver light weight 5 yard kilt in Maitland tartan made to order by Lochcarron.
This is designed for sports wear, e.g. highland games, and walking.

Lightweight Tartan

Lightweight tartan – 45% wool, 55% polyester, as used by Hunter Valley Grammar School in Australia, 150 cm wide, will be good for lightweight clothing and furnishing purposes – not kilts – but good for a waistcoat!

Darker than our other tartans.