Calling all Maitlands,
and Mautalents, Mautalens, Lauderdales, Maitlens,
Medlins, Maizlands, Maizlen

Clan Maitland Society welcomes all people with these names (or descended from someone with these names) as kinsfolk.

Welcome, we are nearly all related, and find that when we meet the warmth of our gatherings shows a family relationship. We believe that we are descended from one individual, who lived in Normandy around 1000 to 1060 because the Maitland name is unusual, can be easily traced and because there are historic records which indicate that the name was taken as a personal nickname and only used by descendants of the first Mautalent to use it. The Chief maintains regular contact with the  Mautalents of Normandy. We are the only British family to to be in touch with members of the Norman family from which we all descend.

Anyone who bears the name of Maitland, or is descended from someone bearing the name is almost certainly a blood relative. 

Chief's ArmsMaitlands are directly descended from the original Norman Mautalent who is recorded by charters witnessed by Roberto Mautalant in Yorkshire from 1138 to 1145. By 1157 he is recorded as a vassal of the Vescy family at Alnwick in Northumberland.   At that time it was part of Scotland. Mautalents are recorded many times in Northumberland thereafter until 1314. Richard Mautalent is recorded at Thirlestane in Lauderdale in 1258, and branches became established in Aberdeenshire and Galloway around 1400. Anyone who bears the name, or is descended from someone bearing the name is almost certainly a blood relative. A few people have taken the name, from choice, or as descendents of former slaves.

Lauderdales, mainly an American family, have clear evidence of their descent from the Maitlands. Lauderdales have also been resident  in Northumberland since 1703. 

Maitlen and Maizlan are also considered variants of Maitland. Medlins whose family comes from Scotland are almost certainly Maitlands, but other Medlins whose family came from England may be from a different family.

All who bear these names, or are descended from those who bear these names or their variants are welcome.

You all have the right to wear the clan badge - below - and to wear Maitland tartan - but we only sell these items to current members of the Clan Maitland Society

Image of the Clan Badge

We maintain close links with our kin in Scotland, England, Ireland, France, the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Israel. Others live in Argentina and Uruguay. See for Clan Maitland North America.