Clothing and accessories made from the Maitland tartan.

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Kilt in Maitland Tartan

Kilts and trews (tartan trousers) are made in Scotland by Lochcarron.

Please order through Clan Maitland Society Ltd.

Sash in lightweight tartan

Sash in lightweight tartan - lovely colours. Wear a sash if your man is wearing a kilt. 108 inches long.


Scarf, in fluffy lambswool tartan

Scarf, in fluffy lambswool tartan - wear the scarf if you feel a sash is too formal. 30 inches long.


Lambswool Scarf, soft and fluffy

Scarf, in soft, fluffy lambswool tartan. Classic colours 30 inches long.


Scarf, in lightweight tartan

Scarf, in lightweight tartan. Darker lightweight tartan. 30 inches long.


Clan Ribbon

Clan Ribbon is 2” wide, 5.5 feet long and has many uses. It can be used to make up decorations - for a cake, as a favour, or to make a tartan stocking flashes. Use it to mark your luggage - when you see Maitland tartan on the luggage carrousel, it must be yours, or you have a cousin on the plane!


Mini Rosettes

Mini Rosettes - made of tartan, 18” long, 4” wide, with a rosette at the top.

Pin them to your lapel or dress to identify yourself as a Maitland if you feel a sash is too formal. Add a clan badge!


Tartan Tie in Wool - Large Sett

Tartan tie in wool - large sett as on kilt.


Tartan Tie - Smaller Sett

Tartan tie in wool/polyester, lightweight tartan – smaller sett.


Bow Tie - Small Sett

Bow tie - small sett, made up.


Bow Tie - Large Sett

Bow tie - large sett, made up.


Bow Tie with Yellow Centre Knot

Bow tie - large sett, made up, with yellow centre knot.


Stocking Flashes

Stocking flashes in the Maitland tartan.


Silk Club or Regimental Style Tie

Striped silk “club” tie reflects the colours of the tartan using a traditional regimental style, and goes well with a dark suit for formal occasions.



Cummerbund – looks good with a dinner jacket or tuxedo if you are not wearing trews. Adds a touch of colour.


Table Runner

70 x 19 inches, 180x 50 cm

This adds an attractive decoration to your dining table without overstating it!
Not only that, it can also double as a clan sash in an emergency!


Tartan Rug

Rug in lightweight, pure 100% lambswool, 56x72 inches (140x185cm) including fringing.

Makes a lovely bed cover or throw, even a picnic rug (tho’ really too nice for that!)