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Deputy Chief carries banner for the King

Formed up at Holyroodhouse Formed up at Holyroodhouse


As Her Majesty The Queen’s coffin was taken in procession to St Giles’ Cathedral in Edinburgh on 12 September

the Master of Lauderdale, deputising for the Chief as Bearer for the Sovereign of the Sovereign's National Flag

for Scotland was in close attendance on the King.


The Chief has sent a letter of condolence to the King on behalf of himself and of our clansfolk.

A further letter was sent on behalf of Clan Maitland in Australia.




 Banner Bearers enter with heralds 


 Royal family with the Queen's coffin


 The Duke of Hamilton, Hereditary Keeper of the Palace Holyroodhouse,

and the senior non-royal duke in Scotland, places the Scots crown on the coffin.

The Honours of Scotland, including the crown are the oldest crown jewels in Britain.

 The Honours were hidden at Dunottar Castle during the Commonwealth period,

whilst the English crown jewels were broken up and melted.


Members of the King's Bodyguard for Scotland, The Royal Company of Archers take post around the coffin 



The Royal party departs, with banner bearers leading them.

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