The Chief owns a splendid Pedigree, complete with examples of crests, which sets out the ‘Main Line’ of Maitlands in Great Britain, starting with Thomas Mautalent who was witness to a Charter to Melrose in 1227. It continues to the 20th century and traces the ancestors of the Earls of Lauderdale and many branches of their families. You can see the Chief's pedigree here. A reproduction is also available to buy – see the merchandise page.

The Maitlands of SouthWest Scotland commissoned   commissioned another Pedigree from George Harrison Rogers-Harrison, Windsor Herald. It was published privately in 1869. This largely follows the Chief’s Pedigree up to about 1400, and then provides a unique source of information on the Maitlands of south west Scotland and their descendants. You can see the Rogers-Harrison pedigree here.

More recently, other branches of the Clan have been identified as well as some descendants whose lines have not been pursued in the Pedigrees described above. Most of these cannot be associated with the main line and more work is required to include them in the website. Watch this space!


All these have been consolidated into a single file. This includes records which, for reasons of confidentiality and ownership, can only be made available to Members. Once this members only feature is up and running, it will be accessed here by entering the email address which you provided when you joined and a password. If you did not provide an email address, you will need to do so, together with your membership details.

The other branches can be summarised as follows:

  • Balhalgardy
  • Kirkton & Oyne
  • Ulster
  • Antony Maitland